AT CHRISTMAS is a unique blend family fueled comedy and surprisingly tender and truthful Christmas experiences brilliantly written and performed by (3) alumni of Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop, Shannon Custer, Michelle Cassioppi and Jim Robinson, as well as a live, 6-piece band featuring one of Twin Cities’ favorite front men, Mick Sterling, and the former Brave New Workshop’s musical director, Peter Guertin. 

The presentation of AT CHRISTMAS is wonderfully simple and minimal. What drives AT CHRISTMAS are the stories and the music that will ring true with any family member that experiences the wide range of Christmas experiences within a family.  For 9 years now across the Midwest, AT CHRISTMAS has provided a reflection of what the holidays are for all families – funny, poignant and heart-warmingly tender. These reflections will be displayed theatrically while the music score of A Brave New Workshop Musical Director, Peter Guertin, leads the band with his own original score, along with Sterling leading his band as they perform surprisingly fresh interpretations of recognizable Christmas favorites. 

AT CHRISTMAS is a lovely holiday gem that has touched thousands across the region and we look forward to seeing you this year!